Mission & Vision

Notre Dame St Peter’s School



Notre Dame St. Peter’s school exists to promote the physical, intellectual, spiritual, moral and social development of each member of the school community.

 As a school within the Roman Catholic tradition, the school offers a faith-based education that stretches beyond the school community, providing skills for learning and life to all.

As a Notre Dame school, the ethos of the school and its activities reflect the belief that God’s goodness is to be found in each individual and in every aspect of life. 

Care and concern for less fortunate learners is a particular hallmark of Notre Dame St. Peter’s school


Notre Dame St Peter’s School


The Notre Dame St Peter’s hallmarks describe its essential characteristics, values, beliefs and activities as a Catholic school in the tradition of St Julie, the Foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur.

These hallmarks attempt to respond to the question: “What makes Peter Claver a Notre Dame and Catholic School?”

The hallmarks therefore give direction for decisions and activities so that our school community continues to express the spirituality and mission of Jesus.


We Proclaim and Create Awareness of the Goodness of God:

A] We believe that God is good and commit ourselves to honour that goodness in ourselves, in others and in our world.

B] We value life as an on-going spiritual journey of creating genuine relationships with self, others and God.

C] We make decisions respecting and informed by the gospel values of our Catholic tradition and teachings.


We honour the Dignity and Sacredness of each person:

A] We develop and appreciate relationships that respect individual differences.

B] We create environments that encourage the development of the whole person. {Holistic Education}

C] We dedicate time, space and personnel to identify and support learners and teachers who are less privileged among us.


We commit Ourselves to reach-out to our local community:

A] We integrate service/care-learning into the academic curriculum and co-curricular activities.

B] We create partnerships with community agencies that facilitate services to the community.


We Cherish the Gift of Diversity

A] We welcome to our school people of diverse cultures, ethnicity, race, gender, age, faith-tradition and socio-economics circumstances.

B] We support services which respect individual learning styles and which build the self-esteem of each person.


We Implement Educational Programmes that are recognised at National and International levels

A] We create opportunities for learners to access a variety of tertiary education institutions.

B] We provide guidance for learners to understand the value of education for life, to enable them to become lifelong learners.


We provide a high quality teaching and learning environment

A] We create a teaching and learning environment where assessment and evaluation take into account different systems and approaches.

B] We encourage professional attitudes that take into account the potential of each individual, learner and teacher.


We educate for and on behalf of justice and peace in the world and the integrity of creation

A] We are willing to take responsible action against injustice.

B] We infuse our classroom experience with global perspectives.

C] We live and act with respect for the earth and the environment.

D] We foster responsible global citizenship.