All grades on one campus

All grades on one campus

As from the beginning of 2019, the St Peter Claver School at the Old Convent in Kroonstad will accommodate learners from Gr.1 to Gr.12.

This is an exciting new beginning in the 102 years’ history of this school, known for offering quality education in Maokeng and Kroonstad. Parents who choose St Peter Claver as the school for their children can be assured that the tradition of quality Christian education will continue.

Here, Gr.12 learners get the opportunity to write the Independent Examination Board matriculation examination, which is internationally recognized. Brining all our learners together on one campus from January 2019, will enhance the family spirit in our school community. It will facilitate a spirit of cohesion that was difficult to maintain on two sides. It will also strengthen an educationally conductive environment for learners of all ages.

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